Light Graffiti – Ben Matthews

Some artists work on canvas. Others in cast metal or clay. Increasingly, more young artists have turned to the art of light painting as a way to decorate or alter a landscape or setting temporarily, capturing the effect on film to preserve permanently. Never seen it before? Here is an example from a young, British dentist, Ben Matthews.

Ben Matthews - Light Graffiti

Ben’s use of light coupled with a slow shutter speed is hardly a new medium—most photographers with single lens reflex cameras have experimented with this “technique”—but Matthews goes further than most with the creation and composition of a scene. His images are not merely the wild waving arms of someone with a glowstick in the dark, and many of his works include the figure of the artist himself.

Ben Matthews - Light Graffiti

Ben also must ride skateboards, or have friends who ride, as a number of his creations revolve around halfpipes. The following displays the trail of a boarder, whose path is traced in light back and forth across the structure.

Ben Matthews - Light Graffiti

Juvenile delinquent, or clever painter? Make your choice.

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