Peter Fuss Is Not In Love

What has Peter Fuss so down in the dumps? My guess is a sour relationship somewhere along memory lane may have been the inspiration for “Three Billboards About Love.” The Polish artist installed the following street bilboards in 2007, on St. Valentine’s day.

Peter Fuss - Three Billboards About Love

Fuss’ billboard display in Ochrona, Poland is a testimony to relationships without love. Each of the billboards paints a clearer picture than the last on the story and emotions of a fictional, unloving couple displayed in silhouette on the billboard.

Peter Fuss - Three Billboards About Love

The billboards are set between what appears to be an apartment complex, and across from a famous, chain restaurant, making them highly visible and well trafficked. The subject matter is adult, without being lewd or obscene, provoking discussion, mockery, and intrigue across the minds of a diverse public audience.

Peter Fuss - Three Billboards About Love

Who says Valentine’s day is for lovebirds? Love it? Hate it? Vote below.

Article found via Art Culture

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