Street Fare – Mark Jenkins

Street installations are interesting creatures. So is Mark Jenkins whose artwork has graced galleries, schools, parks, and waterfronts from Amsterdam to Seoul to Washington, DC. Mark has created a number of street installations which make pedestrians and motorists do double-takes, and sometimes cause them to stop dead in their tracks.

Winston-Salem, NC - Mark Jenkins

Jenkins successfully takes the ordinary, the mundane, and the overlooked, and thrusts it into public view where people are forced to take notice. A number of Jenkin’s figures are cast from box sealing tape and the more recent of these figures (often casts of his or another person’s body) are clothed to give the appearance of realism to the figure on the street, as opposed to the initial clear figures for which he was first most famous for.

Bordeaux, France - Mark Jenkins

Jenkins’ Storker project “drops” figures of babies cast in his tape style into urban environments, in which at least 100 figures have been installed globally.

Washington, DC - Mark Jenkins

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