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Shadow Play and Puppetry

Posted in Film / Video, Music Video on February 27th, 2010 by Moose – Be the first to comment

In a world where busy schedules and technology rule the day, it can be refreshing to immerse one’s self in models and environments of simplicity. Swedish artist Johannes Nyholm builds a vacation escape from the world to tell a story caught between fantasy and reality. Following is a music video by the Swedish group Little Dragon which serves as a prologue to Nyholm’s short film Dreams From The Woods.

The short film itself made its festival rounds in 2009, and an excerpt from the film can be downloaded here (.mov, 3.6MB)

Genuine artistry, or is puppetry for the kids?

Light Graffiti – Ben Matthews

Posted in Photography on February 26th, 2010 by Moose – Be the first to comment

Some artists work on canvas. Others in cast metal or clay. Increasingly, more young artists have turned to the art of light painting as a way to decorate or alter a landscape or setting temporarily, capturing the effect on film to preserve permanently. Never seen it before? Here is an example from a young, British dentist, Ben Matthews.

Ben Matthews - Light Graffiti

Ben’s use of light coupled with a slow shutter speed is hardly a new medium—most photographers with single lens reflex cameras have experimented with this “technique”—but Matthews goes further than most with the creation and composition of a scene. His images are not merely the wild waving arms of someone with a glowstick in the dark, and many of his works include the figure of the artist himself.

Ben Matthews - Light Graffiti

Ben also must ride skateboards, or have friends who ride, as a number of his creations revolve around halfpipes. The following displays the trail of a boarder, whose path is traced in light back and forth across the structure.

Ben Matthews - Light Graffiti

Juvenile delinquent, or clever painter? Make your choice.

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