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Shades of Red and Blac – Suzzan Blac

Posted in Painting on March 1st, 2010 by Moose – 4 Comments

It’s easy to describe Suzzan Blac’s work at a basic, visual level. Dark. Bold. Violent. Gory (Blac is the self-proclaimed “goddess of gore”). It becomes more and more difficult, however, to classify Blac’s work when moving from mood and tone to purpose and statement. Blac’s subject matter is generally tortured bodies, blood, pierced skin, blood, screaming faces, and did I mention blood? Her latest work, Onus is visually more tame and restrained than the majority of her body of work, but evokes pained and tortured emotions as much as any other piece.

NSFW - Click Here To View Image

More of Suzzan’s work can be found at the Beinart Collective and on Suzzan’s RedBubble page.

Is Onus a mastery of the macabre? Decide below.

New work found at the Museum of Weird Art (MOWA).